Snoot! Cleanser Beats Saline Rinses by 10-to-1

Snoot! CleanserSnoot! Cleanser is like nothing else you have ever tried.  We have taken the goodness of the 3,000+ year-old practice of sinus rinsing to a whole new level — and we're changing how people take care of themselves and their sinuses.

Drug-free Snoot! Cleanser is non-medicated and will not interfere with other medications. People agree that Snoot! is superior to harsh and often ineffective saline rinses, sprays and irrigators. Snoot! comes with a ultra-compact, travel-friendly sprayer that goes with you anywhere, fitting easily in a purse, gym bag, airline carry-on or coat pocket.

Snoot! uses a lower-salt level than most saline rinses (it is hypotonic) for superior cleaning action. It contains a non-systemic laboratory-proven antimicrobial that attacks the types of bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast, fungus, and bio-film that occur in nasal and sinus passages. Our customers tell us that they find Snoot! Cleanser helpful for sinusitis, colds, flu, allergies and other forms of mucus-based misery.

People Prefer Snoot! Over the Rest!

This chart shows the responses from a survey of Snoot! customers that we ran in late 2012 and early 2013. You can see that most people who use Snoot! have tried a lot of other products! And in every case Snoot! is more popular than the alternative. More than half of the respondents used multiple products -- and most chose the option that Snoot! is better. People were allowed to choose multiple sinus alternatives. Have you used any of these?

Compare Snoot Nasal Cleanser to Saline Rinses and Other Sinus products

Snoot! uses a combination of well-known rinse ingredients to help you keep your sinuses clear

Most sinus rinses use some combination of salts, carbonates, gentle acids, surfactants and natural ingredients. Helping the tiny hairs that line your nose and sinuses (called cilia) move that heavy mucus is their main purpose. But many of these products are hypertonic (they have more salt than your body does) which can be irritating and in some cases damage your cilia with repeated use. These products will help you clear mucus, but you could possibly develop a dependency upon them if your cilia become weakened. You'll recognize them by their names, which typically mention ocean or salty sea water in some way. The oceans are hypertonic.

Your body has a natural salt level (salinity) of about 0.9 percent. The ocean (and many of those products) has a salt level of about 3 percent. Snoot! Cleanser's salt level is less than 0.9 percent by a bit so as to not damage your cilia or add sodium needlessly to your body.

While traditional saline rinses (including neti pots) can often bring short-term relief, their long-term use has been shown to actually increase the recurrence of sinus infections! People who use Snoot! say it outperforms saline rinses, neti pots, and pretty much every other sinus product out there.

A small package, but big results!

Snoot! Cleanser uses a better blend of acidifiers, carbonates and salts than any other sinus rinse. Our proprietary formula includes a little bit of food-grade wetting agents and a natural cinnamon oil extract to help things along. And as a result, we get amazing results with a lot less water. The typical saline rinse product uses about .25 - .5 ounces of spray and a neti pot rinse is about 8 ounces. When you use Snoot! you'll get a good rinse with about one milliliter of spray...that's about a 30th of an ounce, a fifth of a teaspoon.

That means that you won't be flooding your nose and sinuses with salt water only to find that you need to do it again within hours. The whole 20ml sprayer (less than an ounce) lasts most people a whole week. That means that you'll get a whole month (or more) of saline rinsing or neti pot-ing in every Snoot! kit you buy. It comes in a travel-friendly 4-oz size box (each bottle of solution is only two ounces) and with an even smaller sprayer.

The no-mess way to rinse your sinuses.

Saline sprays and irrigators can be messy! Pretty much the best place to use them is a bathroom...YOUR bathroom.

You can use Snoot! pretty much anywhere -- you don't need a bathroom or a sink. And better yet, it is as fast and as easy as just a couple of squirts up each nostril and then a quick blow with a tissue. And unlike most saline rinses, no clunky can to carry around. Just replace the sprayer's protective cap and get back to whatever you were doing...within seconds.

You Can Try Snoot! Cleanser Risk-free for Only $14.95

Pretty much everyone loves Snoot! Cleanser. The real question is whether it will help you...and there is only one way to find out -- give it a try. We'll make that even easier for you by making it risk-free. Try Snoot for 14 days and if you don't like it, we'll refund your money with our No-Hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

It's that simple. And you can keep the Snoot! for free. How can we do that? People who love Snoot! Cleanser tell other people. Each package of Snoot! contains enough solution to fill the handy sprayer six times -- over a month of continuous use -- and it is only $14.95. That's less than you would pay for most other nose and sinus products that don't last as long, don't work very well and don't come with a guarantee.

You don't need to go to a store to buy it or even pay shipping and handling. We'll pack it up and ship it to you on the next business day. We also offer flat-rate USPS Priority Mail shipping for only $3.95 and if you order by noon pacific time on a business day, your order ships that same day.

We’ve made it our mission to make you and your nose happy! Give Snoot! Cleanser a try!

Or share one with a friend or loved one for only $9.95 more!

So if you're going to try Snoot! Cleanser, here's one more thing. Research suggest that up to 30% of the population has some form of sinusitis that they have seen a doctor for, and even more have what is called "sub-clinical" sinusitis, where they are not really happy with their sinuses, but not so unhappy that they have gone to a doctor.

That means that at least half the people you know have some form of sinus challenge, whether it is from flu or colds, fungal sinusitis, rhinitis, or any of a dozen or more sinus and nasal maladies that don't really have cures. This is a great deal if you want to share Snoot! with someone else who is suffering. We also offer flat-rate USPS Priority Mail shipping for only $3.95 and if you order by noon pacific time on a business day, your order ships the same day.