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This is the most popular Snoot! kit size, designed for use by one person. If you feel you might want to share Snoot! with family or friends, then check out out extra-sprayer kits below.

Try it Risk-free for 14 Days

Pretty much everyone loves Snoot! Cleanser. The real question is whether it will help you...and there is only one way to find out -- give it a try. We'll make that even easier for you by making it risk-free.

Please keep in mind that Snoot! is VERY different from your average nasal spray. In fact, it really is a cleanser, not just a spray, and its powerful solution is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Once mixed, Snoot increases in strength in the first 8 to 10 hours, then begins to soften. If after the second or third day, it is still too strong for you, dump the sprayer and dilute part B with 50% purified or distilled water. That will make it still quite effective, but soften the intensity for sensitive noses. Still, if you find it too powerful or uncomfortable to use in any way, simply contact us for a refund. Snoot! is strong stuff, but highly effective at rinsing away all the bad stuff that hangs out in your sinuses. That’s why people keep calling it “awesome”! Try our ORIGINAL FORMULA for an even stronger (50% stronger) potency - it is REALLY strong stuff.

Snoot! minimal coloring is included for accurate measuring and oxidizes immediately upon mixing, with no trace once mixed!

Try Snoot for 14 days and if you don't like it, we'll refund your money with our No-Hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

It's that simple. Each package of Snoot! contains enough solution to fill the handy sprayer six times -- over a month of continuous use. That's less than you would pay for most other nose and sinus products that don't last as long, don't work very well and don't come with a guarantee.

This product contains one Snoot! Cleanser 120ml Kit, containing:
Two 60ml Bottles of Solution (A & B)
Two Mixing Cups
One 20ml Nasal Sprayer