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It feels very refreshing. No sinus irritation in the 2 weeks of use...which is wonderful for me! And usually I would also use Afrin too. I didn't feel the need to use Afrin at all. Also, I had just had a doctor visit during this time. He told me to get off of Afrin because it makes sinus and nasal passages worse with over extended use. I can now say due the New Snoot, I am not using Afrin! I told my doctor about the New Snoot and agreed it was a very good product ! Thank you. - E. L.
After decades of nasal allergies and sinus congestion,I have finally found a helpful alternative to allergy medicine and the dreaded neti pot. I really love this product. While not a cure, it is far better than all the other alternatives I have tried. - Curtis E.
I had used the neti pot for a long time primarily to help with offensive breath caused by post nasal drip. SNOOT works much better than the neti-pot and is a lot more user friendly and convenient. This product is GREAT!!! You need to try it.- Joseph N.
If you suffer from sinus problems this is the stuff to use! Also helped shorten my cold. Normally my colds last about a week. I used Snoot as soon as I felt the symptoms coming on. My cold never took a hard hold and all symptoms gone the next day. Excellent stuff. - Juan B.
I'm a 44 year old male with severe sinus problems. I have had two sinus surgerys. I usually get a sinus infection every month. I started using this product and I noticed my nose wasn't inflamed inside anymore. When I blew my nose it was more productive. I'am afraid to toot my own horn because I don't want to jinx myself, but I feel like I can start living a normal life again. This simple and easy to use product has turned my life around. My doctor suggested surgery again , but was amazed at how good my sinuses looked after I've been on this product. Thanks again SNOOT!, - Robert M.

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My Mother is using it too. She gave away all of her Claritin - this works waaay better at keeping her sinuses clear. - Susan B.
For weeks, I was sniffing and snorting and couldn't sleep at night, because I couldn't clear my nose and throat. I think I had thrush on my tongue, so I gagged a lot. It drove me crazy and was miserable. I hated being around people or going anywhere, because it was embarrassing. Even my mother said, can't you do something about that? I went to 4 doctors and they couldn't help me. I tried everything. Nothing really helped and I didn't want to take anything that had steroids or over the counter stuff either, because it almost made me not able to breath and scared me. I found snoot on-line. Couldn't wait to get it, because I read how the guy that got it out there had pretty much the same things I had and was going through. I tried snoot the day I got it and slept that night, finally, and it cleared up my nose and throat problem. The next day I had an appointment to have a scan of my sinuses, so went ahead to see how they looked. Found out everything looked great and clear, even my ears looked good, the doc said. I'm amazed at what it did for me. Thanks so much snoot. I will always keep snoot on hand. – Barbara
It works better for my problems than other products and I am not aware of any side effects. Don't quit making it because I don't plan to quit buying it! – B.L.
I have suffered with chronic congestion for over 20 years. I decided to give snoot a try after reading about it & the testimonials. I have used the neti pot, Allegra, sudafed, nasal strips among a few. I no longer have to take Allegra & I can breathe quite well. What a blessing! I no longer have to purchase decongestants weekly. YAY! SNOOT has worked phenomenally for me. Thanks - Laura F.
I love that [Snoot!] is easy to use and is fast-acting…I think buying online is great; no need to drive anywhere and I can do it anytime. Your site was very easy to use. Thank you. - Veronica A.
[Snoot!] really does a great job when the stuffy nose causes sleepless nights. - Jean B
I just placed another order. It is great to have my nose open and clear - all the time! I'm using twice daily, just 3 sprays in each side. And it is so much more convenient than that other rinsing method! I have had no colds since using Snoot!, after suffering two in November and December. Thanks so much. - Ron H.
…I've also noticed a drastic reduction in the need for asthma medicines. I don't know if it's the change of seasons or what, but I do know that my form of asthma is mediated by mucus. I wouldn't go around making that claim, however, as most people do not understand that asthma has multiple causes and forms and differs greatly from person to person even within a family. However, I do want your company to know that thanks to your product, I have less asthma now and no longer fear the debilitating and cruel sinus infections constantly making the rounds at work. For the first time since I was a child, some 30 years ago, I am once again free! - Craig
Thanks so much for [Snoot!] -- it really helped relieve the pressure in my head and sinuses last week when I had that [darn] cold.  - Anne D.

People Say Snoot! Beats Saline, Neti Pots, and Others....

I bought this thinking what the heck. I have woken up for the past 30 years to a sneezing fit. Just part of life. I have had sinus surgery, take medicine, but nothing has stopped the random sneezing fit...until now. Darned if this stuff didn't work! Don't know how or why, but after a week, I switched to a maintenance dose and have had one sneezing fit in over a month. (I went on vacation and forgot the snoot). I will definitely be buying more and have recommended this to everyone I know.- K. E.
No More Neti Pots With Natural  Snoot! Spray
Snoot is the best combination of results, safety, and cost that I have experienced for nasal congestion.- Jim D.
This is an excellent product! It really does work much better than Neti pots or even saline sprays. It's gentle to the nose and helps alleviate dryness, crust and build-up inside the nose. Works very well for problems associated with a hole in the nasal septum (from my years of decongestant nasal spray usage). I really hope it becomes available in stores soon! - "Deeena"
Great product--what can I say--you can not fix what isn’t broken…find a way to let more people know about the product. It has cleared my sinuses which have been congested and infected since September…thank you. - Joyce M.
Helped loosen mucous and increase drainage during an infection. - Todd C.
After having back to back sinus infections for a long time, sinox seems to now be keeping me infection free…I find this amazing. Don't ever stop making this stuff! Thank you ! - Kathleen C.
"I really appreciate your company's integrity towards consumers!! I am so so so happy that I ran across your product! I have suffered with cronic sinusitis for some 20 years. I have tried everything...including chemical prescriptions. My preference is natural remedies because they don't make my condition any worse like prescription antibiotics and even decongestions--over the counter and prescription do. I have been using a neti pot with sea salt---then the pre-measured neti pot salt solutions for relief and a healing. While I had been getting a measure of relief, I NEVER GOT the results I RECEIVED USING "SNOOT" the VERY FIRST APPLICATION. I had read a testimonial stating "SNOOT" gave them relief immediately as well as continued to improve their condition after only one application. That was my experience as well. I am finding that I really didn't need to re-apply snoot, because I have continued to improve from the first application. Now that I am better, I am going for feeling great, so I re-apply. I believe that I am getting drainage of mucus (I know gross) that has been logged in my sinus cavities for a long time. I bought the double package so that I could share the remedy with a friend. After she tried the product, her experience was very similar to mine---draining, not clogged as before. She is now a believer!! She tells me that she will have her husband on board shortly. Thank you for this wonderful product!! I am telling all my sinus suffering friends and family--"I FOUND THE ANSWER!!" - Renee
After two rounds of antibiotics zpack & levaquin did not improve but with Snoot & large doses of vitamin C improved in 5 days & well in 8 days. I'll take snoot any day over antibiotics. Now use about once a day to keep it away. Gave the other bottle to my daughter & she also loves it. I'm glad I don't have to waterboard [neti pot] any longer. - Carol R.
I had been stuffed up for more then a week (the last of my cold) and i used it yesterday morning with alot of relieve. Then through out the day it continued it get better and better.  I used it again at night and man i feel completely better!  You have some good stuff there!  - Justine
I suffered with sinus and allergies for months, going to doctors with no relief. [I am] unable to take most medications. Saw [Snoot!] on internet and decided to try it, since it sounded like a natural way to try. It was miraculous!!!!!! I can breath again and have only used it for 2 days. THANK YOU. - Jodie K.