About Us

Welcome to SnootSpray.com, the home of the Sinox Health family of products. 

Sinox Pharma is a family-owned business, founded in 2010 and based in started in Topanga, CA. We are a technology spin-off of Frontier Pharmaceutical, another family-run business founded in the 1990's. Since the launch of our flagship product, Sinox Spray, in August of 2010, we've helped thousands of customers find freedom from the Neti-Pot, ineffective and often damaging saline rinses, and a wide range of big-pharma drugs such as antihistamines, decongestants, steroidal sprays and antibiotics.  We renamed Sinox Spray to "Snoot! Nasal Cleanser" in August of 2012.

Snoot! Cleanser, formerly known as Sinox Spray.

The name "Sinox" was chosen after a hasty name search and we always thought that it could be temporary. Since it sounded a bit more medical/medicinal that's how our (old) packaging came out. It was a nice looking brand, and memorable too. There were, though, some negative associations: Sinox is also the name of a registered pesticide brand, and we were always concerned that someone would confuse us with "Vick's Sinex", an antihistamine (drug) spray.

So we did another name search and ended up on Snoot. Ironically it was right where we started a couple of years ago: Snoot was the name that we used on the original product concept. Everyone just assumed that we wouldn't use the name, and that it wasn't even available for trademark. Not so, as it turns out, and the USPTO awarded us the trademark to "Snoot!" shortly thereafter. We had our excellent creative team, led by Gabrielle Raumberger of Endless Possibilities, come up with a new look, and we incorporated the feedback that we received from thousands of customers into our messaging. We're very happy with the new brand. People have told us that they miss the Sinox Spray name, and in some ways, we do too.

One of the most important things that branding experts tell you is that the brand should match the experience. Sinox looked kind of like a drug, and that's sort of what people would expect from it. Snoot! looks much more like a cleanser/health-aid, and that's exactly what it is.

Our mission is to make noses and their owners happier. Follow this link if you want to read some customer reviews of Snoot Cleanser

Snoot! Nasal Cleanser is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.