Snoot Questions and Answers (FAQs)

1. What's in Snoot! Cleanser?

Snoot! Cleanser is a non-systemic, drug-free nasal rinse that you spray up your nose to help rinse away mucus, relieving discomfort and irritation from congestion found in conditions such as chronic sinusitis, common cold, allergies and the flu. Snoot! Cleanser does one thing very well -- it helps you get mucus out of your nose and sinuses. People tell us it does this better than just about anything else, finding tremendous relief from just getting their nose and sinuses clear, and that's why they love Snoot!

Snoot! Cleanser comes as a two-part kit (see image) that you mix in batches only when you need it. You mix the two parts and pour them into the nasal spray bottle (included) and then spray it up your nose to wash away mucus and other things that may be up there. Once you mix a batch of Snoot! (there are about six batches per box) and put it in the spray bottle, it lasts about 7 days before it loses strength. Snoot! Cleanser

Snoot’s patented drug-free formula is mostly purified water with very small amounts of glycerin, lactic acid, sodium carbonate, citric acid, and even smaller amounts of sodium chlorite, wetting agents, cinnamal, sodium hydroxide, and glutaral. We use the minimum necessary amount of FDA-approved safe FD&C colors to provide for visibility safety -- so people can see which part is A or B. When the two parts are mixed, they generate a very small amount of acidified sodium chlorite, one of the safest antimicrobials known to science. For more information on why we use these ingredients and how they help you with "Sinus Success", please take a look at our How It Works page.

2. Where can I buy Snoot!? Is it only sold online?

Snoot! is not yet sold in retail stores, but is available on

3. How do I mix and use Snoot! Cleanser?

Mixing Snoot! is a snap! You fill each measuring cup with 10ml of solution and then pour them onto the sprayer. A quick shake of the sprayer and you're ready to go! Using Snoot! is even more simple: you just spray a few squirts up each nostril (most people breath in gently when they do this) and then blow out the mucus and other stuff. Here are the simple, easy-to-follow Product Directions that come with every package of Snoot! Cleanser.

4. Can children use Snoot! Cleanser?

Yes, Snoot! can be used safely by children under 12 but we recommend that this be done under adult supervision, especially the mixing of Snoot! Cleanser. Consult your physician regarding using Snoot! with infants or children under 6 years of age. Follow this link for our Illustrated Product Directions.

5. Can I use Snoot! Cleanser instead of a Neti Pot?

Yes! In fact, Snoot! is a high-tech replacement for the Neti Pot. You can read more about this on our How It Works page. We actually have a Neti-pot formula in development, but we are having trouble testing it because most of our testers seem to decide they prefer using Snoot! in the spray bottle after all!

6. Can I use Snoot! Cleanser in my Neti Pot, as a Neti Pot solution?

We have customers that like doing this. If you want to try it, you can mix some Snoot! solution into your Neti Pot water, but we suggest that you follow these directions for optimal success:

    1. For every 7 oz of Neti-pot water, you will use 22-25ml of Snoot! solution. you will need to combine the part A & B first so that they make the solution, and then add water after that. If you do it the other way around, it won't do much at all. IMPORTANT: You should ONLY use boiled (microwaved) or sterile water in your neti pot - use of non-sterile water has been linked to severe and sometimes fatal illness from parasitic infections.
    2. Combine equal parts (either 5 or 10ml) of Part A and Part B in your Neti-pot BEFORE you add any water.
    3. Let the solution rest for ten minutes. This will bring it to optimal strength.
    4. Add your warm water to the Snoot! solution in the Neti-pot and gently mix.
    5. You can add a simple Neti salt packet to this -- whatever your standard dosage would be -- but you should not add any other substances, oils or herbs to this mix.

7. How long does Snoot! Cleanser last?

Once you mix a batch of Snoot! (there are about five batches per box) and put it in the spray bottle, it lasts about 7 days before it loses strength. That means each box of Snoot! will last a month and a half with frequent use, much longer if you only use it occasionally. Our survey tells us that about half the people who love Snoot! use it once or more per day.

The unmixed solution (part A and B) lasts at least two years from the time you purchase it if kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

8. The box (or bottles) says that my Snoot! Cleanser has expired, can I still use it?

Yes, you can, but we only guarantee Snoot! through the "freshness date" shown on the box and your bottles, which is generally twenty-four (24) months from the time of packaging. The unmixed bottles (A & B) lose their strength with exposure to sunlight, heat and time. Carefully stored, Snoot! will last several years from the packaging date without much degradation. When it gets old it just doesn't work very well but will not harm you in any way.

9. Will Snoot! Cleanser irritate my nose or sinuses?

Most people like the way Snoot! Cleanser feels as it helps you rinse away mucus. But some people with very sensitive nasal and sinus tissue feel a stinging sensation similar to when plain water gets in their nose. And they're partly right: Snoot! is mostly water and has low salt (saline) is hypotonic, which means it has a lower salt level than your body does. That low salinity can also help you clear stuff out of your nose, especially with Snoot! Cleanser's other ingredients.

The National Institutes of Health sponsored a study on Snoot! Cleanser.  The findings suggest that Snoot! is unlikely to damage nasal or sinus tissues.

Snoot! is the opposite of the strong "ocean" style hypertonic (saltier than your body) saline rinses. Studies have shown that these hypertonic saline rinses can damage your nose and sinuses! If you're using Snoot! when you have a bad infection you may feel some irritation the first time you spray it, especially when you have inflamed or irritated tissues. This usually lessens with repeated use. You can add some isotonic saline to Snoot! Cleanser to make it milder -- just pour some snoot out of the sprayer and squirt in some saline. We do not recommend using hypotonic saline for this.

In most cases, any unpleasant sensation lessens or goes away with repeated use. If you find that Snoot! Cleanser increases the irritation in your nose or sinuses, or if you are otherwise unhappy with your experience of Snoot!, please stop using it immediately and instead use our 100% no-hassle, money-back guarantee. That's why we have it. We want you and your nose to be happy. 

10. How does your 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we're dedicated to your nasal and sinus success. But, the internet being what it is (let's just call it the wild west for people who try to get things for free), we do need guidelines for returns. Here they are:

    1. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of using Snoot! Cleanser and you have used it as intended and directed, we will refund your money. This guarantee expires 30 days after your purchase date.
    2. Please notify our Customer Support team and request a refund. They'll want to know why you were unsatisfied with Snoot!, so please include that information in your request. Please read the rest of these instructions and then click here and contact us by email, phone, or mail.
    3. Our satisfaction-based guarantee applies only to domestic (US) online sales through our website(s) (or a channel partner (like Amazon)) for first-time customers, for the purchase of a single product (single or double kit). We reserve the right to require you to return the product to us prior to our issuing a refund. Generally we don't ask for this.
    4. Please do not send a product back to us without first getting instructions and approval from our Customer Support team — things can get crazy when we get boxes unexpectedly!
    5. In the (equally) rare case that we shipped Snoot! Cleanser to you and it arrived broken, empty or damaged in some way, we'll replace it for you. The procedure for that is in the section below.

11. What if Snoot! Cleanser is defective or arrived damaged? Can I return the product?

If your product was damaged in shipment or defective in some way, please accept our apologies. We work very hard to make sure that you get a perfect product every time and that it arrives in good condition. We’ll replace it, of course. Here’s what to do:

    1. Please notify our Customer Support team to arrange a replacement and the return of the damaged product. They'll want to know what is wrong with the product or packaging, so please include that in your description. Please read the rest of these instructions and then click here and contact us by email, phone, or mail.
    2. We'll ship you a replacement product right away. We may ask that you return the damaged package or defective product as well.
    3. If you want your money back for this kind of problem, then you must return the product first and we will issue a refund once we receive it. Refund claims for product damage/failure must be filed within 30 days of purchase.
    4. Please do not send a product back to us without first getting instructions and approval from our Customer Support team — things can get crazy when we get boxes unexpectedly! Click here and contact us by email, phone, or mail.

12. Can I Still Buy the Original (Snoot/Sinox) Formula?

On April 2, 2013 we reformulated Snoot! Nasal Cleanser to be slightly milder. If you purchased Snoot! prior to that date, you probably have purchased what we now call the "Original Formula", which is the pretty much the same formula that we used when Snoot! was named"Sinox". You can still buy the Original formula, but only in a few different sizes, as the new formula is intended for new customers. Follow this link to buy the Snoot! "Original" Formula Products

Snoot! Nasal Cleanser is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.