How Snoot! Works

Snoot is a High-Tech Saline-based Formula

Snoot is a saline-based cleanser that uses a proprietary formula of salts, carbonates, gentle acids and natural ingredients. In fact, most sinus rinses use some combination of these ingredients, as they help the tiny hairs that line your nose and sinuses (called cilia) move mucus. Many of our competitor's products are hypertonic (they have more salt than your body does) which can be irritating and in some cases damage your cilia with repeated use. They will help you clear mucus, but you could possibly develop a dependency upon them if your cilia become weakened. You'll recognize them by their names, which typically mention ocean or salty sea water in some way. The oceans are hypertonic and have a salt level of about 3 percent, as do many of those products.

The National Institutes of Health sponsored a study on Snoot! Cleanser. The findings suggest that Snoot! is non-irritating to nasal and sinus tissues.

Snoot! Cleanser's total salinity is less than 0.9 percent by a bit so as to not damage your cilia or add sodium needlessly to your body. Your body has a natural salt level (salinity) of about 0.9 percent.

Snoot gives you the cleansing goodness of neti pots without the massive amount of liquid and inconvenience, and the benefits of a saline nasal spray without the risk of damaging your cilia from high salinity levels. Traditional saline rinses and neti pots can often bring short-term relief, researchers now say that long-term nasal flushing (done with 4-8 ounces of water daily) can actually increase the recurrence of sinus infections! People who use Snoot! say it outperforms saline rinses, neti pots, and pretty much every other sinus product out there.

Sinus Rinse Snoot SprayerSnoot! contains sodium chlorite for its cleansing capabilities, but the compound that forms when you mix it fresh, contains has a laboratory-proven ability to attack and kill a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast, fungus, and bio-film.

The acidified sodium chlorite found in Snoot! Cleanser was first discovered two hundred years ago. It is used in the high-tech mouthwashes preferred by many dentists, and also in many modern US and European municipal drinking water systems, because of its safety and effectiveness. Snoot! Cleanser does not contain what is commonly called "chlorine" (aka, "laundry bleach", technically known as sodium hypochlorite, which is bad stuff).

Snoot! contains sodium carbonate – which when acidified also helps you to loosen mucus. Our competitors use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) like what you might find in your kitchen.  Baking soda generally is more irritating to your sinuses – which means that you can’t use as much. Snoot! uses sodium carbonate so you get more carbonate into the rinse with less irritation. Again, not a typical kitchen ingredient, but food safe, and we think you’ll agree that it works better.

Snoot! contains glycerin and a food-grade surfactant (polysorbate) – they make water “wetter” – they help to get Snoot! Cleanser onto your nasal surfaces and into your sinus passages. As Howard, our chief scientist always tells us, wetter water means that you need less water!

Snoot! contains lactic acid, citric acid, and very small amounts of cinnamal, sodium hydroxide, and glutaral that are necessary for acidification of the sodium chlorite. We use the minimum necessary amount of FDA-approved safe FD&C colors to provide for visibility safety -- so people can see which part is A or B when they are measuring them. When you first open your package of Snoot! you'll notice that the B-bottle is only a very light shade of blue -- not as bright as shown in our photography.

What You Get When You Buy Snoot! Cleanser

You get a handy little nasal spray bottle that goes with you wherever you go, and two ingredient bottles (cleverly named “A” and “B”). You'll get two small measuring cups as well so that you can make your Snoot! Cleanser solution by measuring equal amounts of both A and B and then combining them into your spray bottle. If this sounds complicated at all - relax, it is very easy. The A and B bottles contain enough ingredients to make about five batches. A batch will last you about 5-7 days.

If all of this sounds complicated, don't worry. Snoot! is easy to mix, and easy to use. Follow this link to see the Illustrated Product Directions that you'll get when you buy Snoot!.

Snoot! Nasal Cleanser is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.