Snoot! Nasal Cleanser "Original Formula" 1-Pack SUPER STRENGTH

$39.99 $49.95

This is the Original Snoot (Sinox) formula, which is DOUBLE the strength than our current MILD formula. 

Many people prefer our classic "original" formula. It is stronger than our current Snoot! Cleanser formula by about 100% and may irritate sensitive noses. If you feel that you would like Snoot! with more "kick", then this may be the best choice for you.

This product not subject to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We will replace broken or damaged product of course, but this product is irritating to a small portion of the people who try it (less than 5%)

This product contains one Snoot! Cleanser 120ml Kit, containing:
Two 60ml Bottles of Solution (A & B)
Two Mixing Cups
One 20ml Nasal Sprayer