Snoot! Cleanser Refill 2-Pack (Special) 2X Sprayers

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Buy a Refill 2-Pack and get Two Free Sprayers

(Note: this product is two (2) 60ml bottles each of Snoot! Cleanser A and B solution, without the Snoot! carton or measuring cups.)

Terms of Special Offer

This special offer is intended for existing Snoot! Cleanser customers. Due to special pricing, our no-hassle guarantee applies only to missing or defective product. As always, you get free shipping. Offer good only for March 1-3 2013, unless extended.

Each Snoot! Spray Refill 2-Pack includes:

Four 60ml Bottles of Solution (two each, Parts A & B)
(Special) Two Nasal Pump Sprayers

Go Green and Save Big!!

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