Snoot! Cleanser Jumbo Refill Kit - 8 oz set (16 oz total) - Equal to 4 kits!

$69.99 $175.60

You've tried Snoot! Cleanser - and you love it!  If you are a daily user, or have multiple users in your household, this Jumbo Refill Kit is for you!  Love it so much you just want to share?  Order some extra sprayers and this kit, and make up a few batches for your snotty friends.  They'll love it too!


Buy Big, Be Green and Save!

IMPORTANT: You must already have used and liked Snoot! Cleanser to purchase this product as our money back guarantee does not apply.

You'll Love the Savings!

You'll save 50% off the single unit retail price! This new Jumbo kit is the equivalent of 4 Snoot! Cleanser kits - and it's an AWESOME deal!

Please Note: Snoot! is VERY different from your average nasal spray. In fact, it really is a cleanser, not just a spray, and its powerful solution is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Snoot! is strong stuff, but highly effective at rinsing away all the bad stuff that hangs out in your sinuses. That’s why people keep calling it “awesome”! It is REALLY strong stuff. Each Snoot! Cleanser Jumbo Refill Kit includes:

Two 8 ounce Bottles of Solution (one each, Parts A & B)

Measuring cups, easy pour spouts and a sprayer!


Share the love... not the germs!