Snoot! Cleanser Neti Pot Alternative 2-Pack - Throw Away Your Neti Pot

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Snoot! Cleanser is like nothing else you have ever tried.  We have taken the goodness of the 3,000+ year-old practice of Neti Pot-based sinus rinsing to a whole new level — and we're changing how people take care of themselves and their sinuses. Snoot! is sprayer-sized a nasal cleanser that rinses mucus and foreign particles such as microbes from your nose and sinuses, and just like a Neti Pot, it leaves you and your nose happier and healthier. Snoot! is slightly hypotonic (low-salinity), and contains a small amount of sodium chlorite, a type of salt that has been shown in the laboratory to attack and kill a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast, fungus, and bio-slime colonies. Our customers tell us that they find Snoot! Cleanser helpful for sinusitis, colds, flu, allergies and just general stuffiness.

Snoot! is VERY different from your average nasal spray. In fact, it really is a cleanser, not just a spray and its powerful solution is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Once mixed, if you find it too powerful or uncomfortable to use in any way, simply contact us for a refund. Snoot! is strong stuff, but highly effective at rinsing away all the bad stuff that hangs out in your sinuses. That’s why people keep calling it “awesome”! Try our ORIGINAL FORMULA for an even stronger (50% stronger) potency - it is REALLY strong stuff. Share Snoot! with family and friends with our economical 2-Pack!

You'll Love It. 100% Guaranteed.

We're so sure that you'll love it that we guarantee it! We will refund your purchase if you don't like it.  It really doesn't get better than that — no-risk, and when you buy the 2-pack you get 50% off on the second Kit, a total savings of $15.00.

This product contains two Snoot! Cleanser 120ml Kits, each containing:
Two 60ml Bottles, Parts A & B
Two Mixing Cups
One 20ml Nasal Sprayers

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