Snoot! Sprayer Combo Set - two 30ml (1 oz) Amber Glass Nasal & two 2 oz Amber Glass Sprayers


These beautiful empty amber glass empty spray bottles holds 30ml (1 ounce), and 2 ounces respectively. TSA-compliant. Pharma-quality glass bottle with non-corrosive stainless steel pump components.  Usable for Colloidal Silver applications as well as Snoot! or Saline Rinses.  Nasal sprayer comes with a safety clip and clear protective cap.

PLEASE NOTE: these are EMPTY replacement SPRAYERS ONLY, and do not include any Snoot! Cleanser ingredients.

TWO Amber Glass 30 ml Bottle Nasal Sprayers

TWO Amber Glass 60 ml Bottle Sprayers


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