High-quality (B-Grade) 20/410 Thread Nasal Pumps w/NO Bottles - 120 units/bag

$69.95 $96.00

120 of our B-Grade Nasal spray pumps made for 1oz (30ml) Boston Round bottles with a 20/410 or similar neck size. These high quality empty nasal sprayers come ready for assembly onto your bottles, and are packeged in factory-sealed bags of 120 pumps/bag.  Each pump comes with a safety clip and clear protective cap. 
Photo shown below with Cobalt 30ml bottle (not included)
This B-Grade 20/410 pump is made by a high-quality manufacturer (also pharma-grade) but it is not quite as reliable with complex solutions, nor as cosmetically flawless as our A-Grade pumps.  
Priced at less than $.60 each, this sprayer is ideal for single-fill applications, or post-surgical use followed by disposal. Typically, medical providers will autoclave the glass bottles (not included) for re-use.  This purchase is non-refundable.
  • Made by a high-quality nasal-pump mfgr in China, in cGMP facility
  • Glass-ball check-valve works reliably for water-based, full-dissolved solutions, or time-limited application
  • Standard-quality mold and resins 
  • Safety cap color: natural (clear but matte finish)
  • Actuation dispensing rate: 0.1mL