SnootRewards Program Information

SnootRewards lets you earn discounts and free Snoot when you and your friends buy Snoot! directly from

Here's how it works....

  • Sign up using the simple sign-up form below.
  • You'll immediately see a new form that allows you to send an email or connect on Facebook, Twitter etc. so that you can build your Ambassador network.
  • The form also contains your personal referral link to a special landing page that gives all of your referrals 10% off their order. In order for you to get credit for the sale, they need to use the link and land on that page (for tracking).
  • For every referral who buys Snoot using your link, you'll get 10% of their total order value (exclusive of taxes and shipping). There's no limit to this; as long as they buy using the link, you get paid.
  • You will receive an email confirming your referral's purchase and the amount that you have earned.
  • You'll also receive an email with a link to your personal Ambassador sign up form (the same as what you will see below after registering) that you can use to easily refer friends. Save the email so you can access your program easily!
  • We send out your rebate automatically about 35 days after your referrer has purchased (if they return Snoot! for a refund then no rebate is earned). Your rebates are paid using PayPal.

Silver Ambassador Sign-Up and Referral Form