People Say Snoot! is Awesome!

This stuff is awesome. I just posted a long and
honest review on FB. I will be recommending it
to fellow sinus sufferers. I just came back to
order additional sprayers so that I can share :)

That's what many sinus sufferers say after trying Snoot!

We get notes like that all the time. Sometimes hand-written, sometimes on Facebook. It is humbling to me, especially since this is not really what I do for a living. My name is Jack Skeels. You can look me up on LinkedIn or just google and learn about me. I'm a business consultant and I help companies run website development and marketing projects. You've seen my work, or I should say the work that my teams and clients have done, but writing this webpage was never part of my plan. I did a favor for a friend who owns a small pet deodorizer online store and it sort of changed my life, and not in a small way.

Here's a message left by one of our very happy customers telling us how much he likes Snoot! Cleanser. (click on the "Play" button) Your results may vary, of course, but when was the last time that you heard someone so excited about a sinus product?

I'll bet that you’ve had sinus problems for a while now. I'm one of you, and we're not alone.  About 30% of the US population has seen a doctor for sinus or nasal problems in some form, and probably double that if you include those folks who suffer but haven't seen a doctor for it. The constant drip of mucus and the fatigue from related inflammation and irritation can be exhausting; at times it is hard to remember what it was like when you didn’t have sinus problems. Trust me, I’ve been there.  My mother had horrible sinus problems, and so did I. They were made even worse by the muggy, pollen-laden, sweltering Midwest summers and the freezing-cold winters that dried out the air in the house so much that the skin around our nostrils cracked. As an adult, my days, nights, vacations and business trips were filled with mucus; blowing my nose, snorting and snoring, sore throats, plugged ears…you name it. Seemed my sinuses were always bad, and I was the first to get a cold from someone who was sick in the office (there was never a cold or flu that I didn’t get, it seemed.) I was that guy who made the snorting noises when he sat in the office.  Sound familiar?

And here is what this page is all about: we have a product that can probably help you feel a bit better, maybe a lot better. Most people who try it find that they like it. Some don't. I just want to be really clear: this is not some miracle product (I even cringe using the word), but some people (me included) think it is pretty great and if you've tried most of the other stuff out there, you might like this. Here is what one of them said recently:

I have been real sick for many weeks and had to lay in bed most of the time. That is when my nose would stop up the worst. Most nights I would have to wake up several times and try to get relief so I could breathe. Since I started useing it I have to use it less and less to take care of my problem. I also have not had any problem with being dried out inside my nose like some other products did. I also do not have the draining that made my throat sore. For me,It works better for my problems than other products and I am not aware of any side effects. Don't quit making it because I don't plan to quit buying it (as I need it) Thanks" —Recent Snoot! customer when asked of her experience.

I had passed my 50th birthday by a couple of years, and my buddy Spencer asked me to negotiate a deal to license a deodorizer for dogs who got sprayed by a skunk.   When I work for my clients I immerse myself in their technologies and their needs, and then I tell them what to do.  I had done the same for myself and my sinuses — how could I not have?  I had spent my whole life trying to deal with my sinus problems. I gained a huge amount of knowledge through my research, studies and personal experience. And I also learned a lot about what does and (mostly) doesn't help.  I'll get to that in a sec.

So the company that we were trying to license from makes amazing oral care products for dentists - odor-removal, freshened breath like you've never known. Their "core technology" is a salt, sodium chlorite, that is pretty widely used in industry (drinking water, surface sanitation of meat), but they had figured out how to make it consumer friendly. It is an oxidizer, sort of like "Oxy-Clean"...but more on that later. I had to learn the technology well so that I could advise my friend, and as it turns out, the founder of that company was a great teacher.  He's now my business partner.

One day my nose was not doing well. I felt like I had something coming on or there was something in the air...after a lot of years of dealing with your nose, you just sort of know. So I did something pretty crazy, a little inspired, and things changed for me. I had 22 products from that pharma company that made the mouthwash, the one we had done the licensing deal with. I had an idea -- I'll tell you more about the whole "logic" of it later -- that if I could get some of that salt-based technology (they call it "Dioxi-care") up my nose, I might feel better. I didn't really want to snort mouthwash...and I knew that they had Zinc in it, which is not good for olfactory cells (yes, I am a geek). So I looked on the shelf for something that would "spray." I found it, their Doggie Ear Cleaner. I'll say this over and over: do not try this at home. Yeah, I sprayed it up my nose. It was the most painful thing that I have ever felt in my sinuses. I still laugh about this every time I tell it, and yes, I sprayed one nostril and then when my eyes had stopped tearing, I sprayed the other.

It works better for my problems than other products and I am not aware of any side effects. Don't quit making it because I don't plan to quit buying it! – B.L.

If you've REALLY tried everything, then you're thinking this might be like "SinusBuster", the "pepper-spray" for your sinuses. It's not. The Doggie spray I used has a lot of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) in it to loosen wax in the dog's ears. My dad used to use it to clean concrete floors. Not good in the nose. But something funny happened. Okay, something funny happened before that: it also had detergents in it, so my nose was foaming for a few minutes. Pretty funny looking and again, please don't try this at home.

Best Sinus RinseBut then I didn't blow my nose for about 8 hours. And I realized then that I might have found something that could give me (and others) more control over the sort of nose and sinus problems that had made me miserable for years. And when I stayed clear for a couple of days, I called Howard, the founder of Frontier Pharma and asked if he wanted to do this...make a sinus cleanser. He actually asked me if I was crazy. Multiple times.

So we did it. And it seems to work pretty well. 75% of the people who responded to our recent survey rated this new product as "Great." It has no side effects, it is non-systemic, natural, and easy on the pocketbook.  One ENT (nose doctor) that I know said “…it’s so obvious that it should work, I don’t know why no one thought of it before”.  The answer is that people have thought of it before, but until now, no one actually had the right ingredients. Due to some good fortune on my part, and a few people who are much smarter than me, we’ve finally figured out how to make it nose-friendly and put it in a box so that you can try it too.

So Here's What I was Thinking...

I had come to believe that doctors really don’t know how to cure persistent sinus problems. I am pretty sure that about 50% or more of you are nodding your head now.  I've even seen the studies on that!  Other studies have shown that the re-infection rate from sinus surgeries is about 80% -- that means that a $10,000 to $20,000 medical procedure only has a one in five chance of actually helping you!  I didn't have surgery, but of all the people I know who have, only one person had a positive, enduring outcome.

And whether or not you try surgery, you’ve already tried dozens of drugs…some of which can help a bit, but mostly, they are drugs: they enter your bloodstream, they have side-effects, and usually you’re still not feeling all that well. I’ve tried decongestants, antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids, salves, steamers, dietary changes, herbal rinses… everything.

I Was Looking for a Self-Care Solution, Not a Hero nor a Miracle

Some doctors want to find deep causes and big cures. Since doctors don’t feel what you’re feeling they only write you a new prescription every time you visit and that‘s it. They’re just as happy for you to pay them another visit for refills, and they don't suffer the ongoing pain that you do.  Pharma companies want to save you with a miracle drug.  Medical device companies want to create the ultimate procedure. But that’s not what you and your body need.  

The National Institutes of Health sponsored a study on Snoot! Cleanser's formula that confirmed that Snoot! is non-toxic and non-irritating to nasal and sinus tissues.

The biggest irony in this is that most of what is bothering us is mucus. Get rid of the mucus and you'll be fine!  And they are trying to treat something else, to find the big cure,the miracle drug. Why is treating mucus in the same category as curing AIDS or cancer?  I'm not going to die from it, I just want the mucus gone! Adding more drugs to our bodies doesn't do that, it just makes us drug addicts.

We all know that if our body is constantly receiving medications and chemical components, diseases become stronger and our defenses weaker. So a constant drug regimen is not really a solution. Medication and pills only “hide” the problem for a while and often “mask” the symptoms, so we’re only lying to our body.

You know this…you’ve lived it.  I've been there too, debating whether to take a decongestant at 3:00 a.m. and probably not sleep much, or to take an "all-in-one" syrup that would make it impossible for me to think the next day.

Research has shown that the frequent use of medications can make your immune system weak and vulnerable to other diseases, and also that the overuse of sinus medications can have the effect of producing even worse sinus symptoms!

Your body is better at making you well than you think. It just needs some help.I still remember the day that I read a book (Beyond Antibiotics) on not using antibiotics for colds – it changed my life. It said that diet and stress is the epidemic of the 21st century. This means that your body can manage its own needs pretty well, but sometimes it goes through difficult situations and sometimes it needs a little help.

We live in an increasingly global world where flu bugs, molds, allergens and all kinds of bad things can end up in our nasal passages and sinuses. There’s not much we can do to change this situation, these enemies we face, but there’s a lot we can do to help our sinuses do a better job against them. Did you ever wonder how we got to this place? Wouldn’t you think that our bodies, after millions of years of development, would have developed some defense to these sorts of problem? And how many animals do you know that have clogged sinuses and runny noses all of the time? It seems that we may be unique in this way. And that’s when I realized that….

Sinus Problems Are Not As Difficult to Treat As We Think

Most people have the wrong concept that sinus misery can and should only be treated with advanced medications and expensive treatments.  Chances are pretty good that you can take charge of your sinuses, get them under control and help them get back to normal function.

Don’t get me wrong… it wasn’t that nothing worked, it was just that nothing worked well. I actually did get some relief from changing my diet: no dairy, no sugar, no white flour, no orange juice, and none of about 20 other things. But I was not actually all that happy. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!

They Almost Got it Right 3,500 Years Ago in India

You may have already tried this, or you may even be using it now – the Neti Pot. It was invented thousands of years ago in India and it is a little teapot with which you rinse your sinuses with acidified salt water. I will be the first person to say that it can help. In fact, it can help a lot. The bad news is that you need to pour 8-16 ounces of acidified salt water through your sinuses every day, often multiple times a day.

Neti Pots can work, but they are not pleasant (or convenient) to use!

Back when I used a neti pot, I would often gag and/or get the water (and mucus) on my clothing. Even at that, it was better than most drugs and I did use it for a while. But I like to travel, and I am a businessman and have meetings with clients. I like to go out to dinner, out for the night, away for the weekend to wine country, or just spending the day going from one place to another…and that’s why the neti pot really didn’t solve my problem. My nose was better, but I was chained to my bathroom sink!

There's some other recent news as well, which is that you need to use sanitized water in your neti-pot.  Sadly, people did die from a scary infection known as amoebic meningitis where amoebas pass through your thin sinus tissue and enter your brain...and you die.  It is almost untreatable.  Please make sure everyone knows about this: Neti Pots are not harmful, but using unclean,unpurified water in one can kill you.

But I was fascinated by how and why something like the neti pot did so much for my nose when expensive doctors and drugs did not. Here’s a sample of what I found in the hundreds of articles and research papers that I read:

When mucus can't get out of the sinuses, bacteria start to grow, and that causes a sinus infection." —Toribio Flores, MD, Cleveland Clinic
Daily nasal irrigation resulted in improvement in the symptoms of chronic sinusitis in over 70% of subjects. Medication usage was decreased in approximately one third of participants." —Heatley DG, McConnell KE, Kille TL, Leverson GE. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery

And all of this added up to one thing that fateful day a couple of years ago…it dawned on me: could this little sanitizing-oxidizing chemical do what a Neti Pot was trying to do?. The Neti was over 3,000 years old…wasn’t it time for an upgrade?  And maybe this great little chemical that is used to sanitize drinking water and protect meats from bacterial and mold infections could actually change the way that a Neti Pot worked.

So we made Neti version 2.0!

It's not the neti pot that needed fixing, of is the solution that you use in the neti pot that does the work. If we could make a better solution, one that was strong yet gentle enough, then maybe we could get better results.  Wow, we sure did.  I just wanted a different solution for the neti pot.  What we got was something that means that you can throw away the neti-pot...the solution is that good!

To understand just how revolutionary this is, you need to understand how a Neti Pot really works. The traditional recipe for a neti sinus rinse has two main ingredients, acid and salt, and a lot of water. When you rinse with a neti, the salt stimulates your cilia (which help clear mucus), and the acid helps to lift and break up the mucus. “Modern” versions of the neti rinse (which can sell for $20 or more) often also include sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) because carbonates can help your nasal cilia move faster for a little while. The salt also remains on your sinuses, and as you know, salt is a preservative…it inhibits bacterial activity. Salt doesn’t do much to viruses, mold, mildew, fungus, etc., but it does inhibit bacteria.

This is why there are so many over-the-counter saline nasal sprays. A lot of them are hypertonic, which means that they have more salt than your body does. More salt means more antibacterial action, but this can be irritating and in some cases damage your cilia with repeated use. Saline sprays will help you clear mucus, but you could possibly develop a dependency upon them if your cilia become weakened.  And they sting a bit, sometimes a lot.

Both the neti and the saline rinse are large and bulky…even if I wanted to use them all of the time I couldn’t!

We came up with the go-anywhere, use-any-time, easy-to-carry and highly-effective nose and sinus cleanser.

We (okay, it was Howard at the pharma company, but I did watch and I was test subject #1) put together a formulation that has three types of ingredients that you’ll find in a traditional rinse, but he went high-tech: he chose the best blend of acidifiers, carbonates and salts that he could find. As a result we needed less water. Not just a little less, but a LOT less. The typical neti pot rinse is about 8 ounces. With our new solution, you could get a good rinse with about one milliliter of spray...that's about a 30th of an ounce, a fifth of a teaspoon.

It was at that first moment that we realized that we had taken a home remedy that used kitchen ingredients and went space-age with it. Okay, maybe not space-age, because our ingredients have been around for hundreds of years, but we just did it a bit smarter. If you were using a neti pot 3,500 years ago and tried Snoot! (we called it "Sinox" back then), maybe it would seem space-age.

Snoot! Cleanser's formula uses chlorite salt – sodium chlorite (notice the ”t”) – instead of sodium chloride (also known as table salt) – because of its laboratory-proven ability to attack and kill (not just inhibit like salt does) a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, spores, yeast, fungus, and bio-slime colonies. The acidified sodium chlorite found in Snoot! has been around for hundreds of years. It is used in the high-tech mouthwashes preferred by many dentists (Dioxi-Rinse, Smart Mouth, Oxyfresh, to name a few) and also in many modern US and European municipal drinking water systems, because of its safety and effectiveness.

We use carbonates – sodium carbonate – instead of baking soda, which can be irritating to your sinuses. By using sodium carbonate we get more carbonate into the rinse with less irritation.

I cannot believe how quickly [Snoot!] worked to relieve my congestion and sinus pressure. Without getting too graphic in describing the draining process, I saw the results immediately. In addition to the efficacy, I like the convenience of the spray bottle. It's a lot easier to bring the small spray bottle to work rather than a pot or some other device. Great stuff!" David Callahan, former neti pot user. Read More Like This on Facebook!

We use acids to bring the pH of the final solution to the slightly-acidic 6.3-6.8 level. We use a pinch of food-grade surfactants – they make water “wetter” – they help to get the water onto your nasal surfaces and into your sinus passages. As Howard, our co-founder and inventor, always tells us, wetter water means that you need less water!

What if all you had to do was rinse with a couple of squirts and just blow your nose?

That’s the most amazing part: you can get an incredible level of sinus relief without using medications, or pills or spending a fortune on expensive treatments and specialists...just a couple of squirts up each nostril, and blow the stuff out.

You can use Snoot! Cleanser pretty much anywhere you want! In the comfort of your own home, at the office, on a vacation, a business trip, in the airport, in a crowded subway train, around people who are sick…literally anywhere! Finally a low-cost, drug-free, simple-to-use, non-drowsy sinus treatment you can apply anywhere, any time.

We sell Snoot! Cleanser in a kit that includes our special two-part formula that outperforms saline, neti mixes,...and just about everything else that we've tried. Our recent survey showed that Snoot! Cleanser users prefer Snoot! to Neti pots or saline rinses by a factor of almost 5-to-1. We think you'll never use your neti pot again. But if you decide that you still want to use it, you can mix Snoot! Cleanser for use in a neti pot or other sinus rinse dispenser. Just add a note to your order or email us for directions how to do this. It works great too!

You Can Try Snoot! Cleanser Risk-free for Only $14.95

Pretty much everyone loves Snoot! Cleanser. The real question is whether it will help you...and there is only one way to find out -- give it a try. We'll make that even easier for you by making it risk-free. Try Snoot for 14 days and if you don't like it, we'll refund your money with our No-Hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

It's that simple. And you can keep the Snoot! for free. How can we do that? People who love Snoot! Cleanser tell other people. Each package of Snoot! contains enough solution to fill the handy sprayer six times -- over a month of continuous use -- and it is only $14.95. That's less than you would pay for most other nose and sinus products that don't last as long, don't work very well and don't come with a guarantee.

You don't need to go to a store to buy it or even pay shipping and handling -- we'll pack it up and ship it to you on the next business day, or the same day if you order by noon Pacific time on a weekday.

We’ve made it our mission to make you and your nose happy! Give Snoot! Cleanser a try!

Or share one with a friend or loved one for only $9.95 more!

So if you're going to try Snoot! Cleanser, here's one more thing. We now know, because of the research, that up to 30% of the population has some form of sinusitis that they have seen a doctor for, and even more have what is called "sub-clinical" sinusitis, where they are not really happy with their sinuses, but not so unhappy that they have gone to a doctor.

That means that at least half the people you know have some form of sinus challenge, whether it is from flu or colds, fungal sinusitis, rhinitis, or any of a dozen or more sinus and nasal maladies that don't really have cures. So here's a two-for-one deal on the chance that you want to share Snoot! with someone else who has suffered. We also offer flat-rate USPS Priority Mail shipping for only $3.95 and if you order by noon pacific time on a business day, your order ships the same day.

I'm hoping that you'll give Snoot! Cleanser a try and get a chance to have the sinus success that so many of our happy customers know. -- Jack Skeels